Get to know Jacki Krumnow

Who is Jacki Krumnow? That all depends on the day and time of the year. Currently, I am a graduate student at Kent State focusing on my studies around public relations. Soon I will be putting a majority of my effort into my final Graduate Project. I plan on creating a campaign for a Hollywood movie that contains sexual health information and how schools across America could use the movie as a teaching tool in health classes.

In the future I would like to be in California or Arizona beginning my career as a public relations practitioner. I aim to work for a non-profit like Planned Parenthood, or a division of the National Park Foundation. Every day I am a lover of film and television. My dream job and true aspiration is to one day work at a film studio as a PR agent, thus incorporating my passion and my career into one.

Over Summer of ’13 I plan on working for my home town as an intern. Elmore, Ohio currently has no Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram profile. Over the summer I will create these pages so the town can promote more of their events in a much more up to date manner. Making Elmore’s internet presence more up to date could bring in more visitors to the town and their events, thus, bringing in more revenue. This internship will help fine-tune my social media skills and bring a business aspect to my knowledge of social media.

So welcome to my website and please browse around! I have another blog: Reel Thoughts of Jacki K, which is about movies and television. I write reviews and report on upcoming entertainment news that I find interesting for myself and fellow readers.

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